Briat sponsors 2019 Ice on Ice

Briat Insurance is proud to be a Gold sponsor to Hurley’s Media Ltd and Rocky’s Diamonds’ event, Ice on Ice. The event was held at Grand Cayman Marriott Beach resort on the 8th June 2019. All proceeds of the event, including ticket sales and cash purchases of chips that were used to play the casino style games, are donated to support the Cayman Islands Cancer Society (CICS).

The event transforms the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach resort into a lively casino and is one of Cayman’s most happening events. Attended by 500 lucky guests, each has a chance to win one of four ½ carat diamonds worth $1500CI each, courtesy of Rocky’s Diamonds. The event is complete with table games, a silent raffle, live jazz, gourmet food and drinks and much more.

The Cayman Islands Cancer Society offer financial aid to families to help with treatment-related expenses and day to day living expenses like rent, groceries and bills. They currently support more than 400 families. CICS provides education on cancer and patient services including equipment rentals. Briat is proud to be a Gold sponsor of Ice on Ice to support CICS.


Published on: May 22, 2019